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This is the procedure which lifts up the outer third of the eyebrow (eyebrow tail). The incision is in the hair  above the part we want to lift, preparing  the structures under the skin layer and with the stitches, which will dissolve later, lift outer third of the brow. If the excessive skin appears it is cut off at the end and saw the wound.



Many very attractive women have lower position of the inner side of the brow and lifted brow tail with clear, open eye area (paracanthal region), without any wrinkles under the brow tail (hooding) and on the outer eye (crow’s feet).

There is a potential risk when undergoing a traditional forehead lift or endoscopic forehead lift of lifting the inner brow or the whole brow too high, which could then result in an unnatural, ‘surprised’ expression.

The brow generally droops with aging, especially the tail and the above mentioned wrinkles appear in the eye area. Sometimes drooping brows create an illusion that the problem is in the eyelid, which is completely wrong.

The solution is temporal lift ,which can rejuvenate the tired look and give it a shiny, happy and younger look. This is a very important face rejuvenating procedure, which is quite often neglected or overlooked.



The patient can go home after the procedure. Some minor swellings and slight tension in the treated area is all that could be expected. It is recommended to take 5-7 days to rest.



Whether the patient is eligible for the procedure or if there are any risks could be assessed only after a check-up. Lesser complications which are of no consequence on the result, are rare. Serious complications are unusual.