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Our clinic offers various minor surgeries and other procedures. The procedures are done in local anaesthesia and are painless.

ATHEROMAS are small round formations which can appear anywhere on the body. They form when output canals of sebaceous glands are clogged resulting in fat concentration. The formation is removed through a small incision and the skin is stitched back.

NEVI PIGMENTOSI ( MOLES ) – the excision of mole is made and skin sewn back. If it is clinically absolutely clear that it is a benign formation, the sample is not sent to pathology check (PH). On patients demand or we suspect it might be a malignant formation in case of the specific family history, the sample is sent to pathology check. The costs of PH are covered by the patient.

INGROWING TOENAIL ( UNGUIS INCARNATUS ) – a very common problem. The procedure is done in local anaesthesia and it is painless. A part of the ingrown nail is excised to the nail base and covered by Vaseline gauze. The patient can go home. Several days after the procedure patient is advised to soak the foot in peroxide solution.


FACE CAPILLARIES – the problem can be solved by electrocoagulation or radio frequency energy. It is easy and efficient.

VARIOUS SKIN TAGS- they can be easily and efficiently removed by electrocoagulation or radio frequency energy.