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LIP LIFT  is a very refined procedure that shortens the upper lip, enlarges its outer, visible edge (vermilion) or  makes the Cupid’s bow more prominent.

Bull Horn or Gull Wing inscision is made bellow the nostrils, upper lip skin is elevated to the desired point, excessive skin is cut off and edges stitched together. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia, under sedation and is totally painless.



Longer upper lip is significant aging sign and can give a person an unattractive look. Upper lip gets thinner and the visible edge (vermilion) becomes merely visible. The same happens to the Cupid’s bow. Longer upper lip can be seen in younger persons as well. It is quite exciting how this particular procedure can have a great positive rejuvenating impact.



The patient can go home immediately after the procedure. Slight swelling or bruises that disappear shortly, could be expected.



Whether the patient is eligable fort he procedure or if there are any risks could be assessed only after a check up.  Every surgical procedure involves a level of risk.Lesser complications which are of no consequence on the result, are rare. Serious complications are totally unusual.