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One of the key signs of aging in face area is, among others, the loss of the tissue volume.

Those changes are mostly visible on cheeks and under eyes and therefor require some action.

Tissue volume can be filled with the patient’s fat or various fillers. The fillers could be the ones containing hyaluronic acid (HA), polylactic acid, hydroxyapatite etc.



The procedure is done in local anaesthesia. We inject the selected filler substance in precisely defined anatomic face units and tear through.

 If we are injecting patient’s own fat it is necessary to draw the fat from various body parts and prepare it for application. That makes the procedure take more time.



Post treatment period is completely safe. But it is still recommended to take a couple of days to rest, as minor bruising or swelling can be expected. Cold compresses several hours following the procedure are advisable to minimize the side effects. No serious complications are expected.