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This procedure means enlargement of breasts by using different implants. Most of the time silicone implants (MENTOR breast implants) of various size, shape and texture, the ones which are the most appropriate for each patient, are used. They are implanted through small incisions made under the breast, around or in the nipple areola complex  itself.

I follow the procedure of my mentor, John Tebbetts (Huston, Texas) and place the implant in dual plane. That means that each implant is placed partly bellow the muscle and partly bellow the gland. In this way both plane advantages are achieved.



If your breasts are really small or you are not happy with the natural size of your breast or f your breasts were larger before pregnancy, then you are the right candidate for this procedure. Even if your breasts are smaller and slightly sagging, the procedure is suitable for you. If one of the breast is significantly smaller, augmentation of the smaller one could be a good solution.

During the check-up and after certain measurements were made we suggest the best solution regarding the shape, size and texture of the implant taking into account the patient’s wishes.



After the procedure the patient puts on a sport bra and goes home without any pain. Minimal to slight pain can be expected for several days after the procedure. The level of pain depends on the implant size and the respective stretching of the skin. Some swelling and bruising is possible. Patient can return to the daily routine a day after the procedure.



If the candidate is eligible for the procedure and whether any risks are involved can be determined only with a check-up. Every surgical procedure involves a level of risk. Lesser complications which are of no consequence to the result are very rare. Serious complications are unusual.