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Dr Mišo Šikman MD (Dr Mischo Schickmann MD )  is a specialist in general and vascular surgery as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery.

He has graduated from the Medical School of the University in Zagreb, Croatia.

He has specialized in general and vascular surgery at the Military Hospital in Ljubljana, Military Medical Academy (VMA) in Belgrade and the University Hospital (UKC) in Ljubljana.

He has specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University Hospital UKC in Ljubljana and Aarau Clinic in Switzerland.

In 1999 he started his private aesthetic surgery clinic, CHIC CLINIC,aesthetic surgery, Mišo Šikman MD Litijska cesta 45, 1000 Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Doctor Šikman has been actively involved in over 30 workshops, symposia and world-wide congresses dealing with plastic and reconstructive surgery. There is no need to enlist them all!

For the purpose of aesthetic surgery the following additional trainings are of the crucial importance for our clients:

Aarau, Switzerland, 1988, work with prof  Wintsch, plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Emmen, Breda, Gronigen, Roterdam, Netherland, 1995, general and plastic surgery.

Torino, Italy , 1998– work with prof Zocchi , inventor of Ultrasound Liposuction( UAL ) .

Nice, France, prof Lasus – for Breast Reduction.

Tel Aviv, Israel, Dr Yoram Fintsi- for Croton Oil Peel EXODERM Fintsi

Dortmund , Germany, 2004 – for Lipodissolve  Injections.

Prague-Moscow, 2007,  prof  Sulamanidze – APTOS thread lift.

Gent, Belgium, 2010 (Dr Tonnard, Dr Verpaele) –  MACS face lift.

Chicago, United States, 2011, Dr Marten – SMAS facelift.

Geneve, Switzerland, 2012, for Body Contouring Surgery.

Gent , Belgium, 2016 (Dr Tonnard, Dr Verpaele,  Dr Bensimon) – Croton Oil Chemical Peel  Hetter-Bensimon, Microfat grafting, SNIF grafting in Nanofat ( stem-cells).